The ForestFinance Group offers you the possibility to invest in an individual Desert Timber project. Project management plans vary from a non-commercial conservation forest, creating aesthetic and recreational values (no timber extraction), to a sustainably managed forest or agroforestry system (oil plants, farming) that generate an attractive Internal Rate of Return (IRR). The latest ForestFinance project Oasis 2  focuses on organic agriculture and afforestation in Morocco.

Oasis 1: Greening the desert with organic agriculture

With Oasis 2, you invest in the ecologically and socially sustainable cultivation of almond trees in Morocco for the production of high-quality organic almonds. With your investment, a share of the 130 hectares of already certified organic land in the Errachidia region south of the High Atlas Mountains will be planted with an average of 1,150 almond trees per hectare according to the guidelines of organic farming.

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Ecological and social benefits:

  • Creation of permanent jobs in rural areas of Morocco
  • Fair pay and social benefits for all employees
  • An arid area is greened with a modern, sustainable irrigation system
  • More biodiversity due to agroforestry system managed according to organic guidelines
  • Oasis 2 will have a positive impact on the local and global climate

What we offer

Working successfully in the project countries requires a deep knowledge of the local circumstances, a professional team and a lot of experience in managing such complex land use projects abroad. We offer a full service for your successful Desert Timber project:

    • Establishment of a SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle)
    • Set-up of legal and tax framework
    • Establishment of all relevant contracts
    • Management of operations
    • Drawing-up, contracting and controlling local service providers

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Land use management plan

The management plan is set up according to the investor’s wishes, depending on the project location and initial capital.

Commercial activities can be divided into three elements: forestry, oil plants and agriculture. All commercial models generate positive cash flow after a short time while equally being an investment opportunity with low volatility and limited correlation to financial markets.

  • Plantation of a mixed forest with native species, providing a high biodiversity and a low risk of natural diseases affecting the plants (particularly recommended for conservation purposes). We select the precious timber species for you, species that have proven their huge growth potential in arid regions, such as Gmelina (White Teak), Teak, African mahogany, Acacia, Neem or Eucalyptus.
  • Cultivation of oil plants, such as Ricinus, Jatropha or Jojoba, generates a significant increase in revenues and enables a project to deliver fast returns. Oil plants are used intensely for various applications, for example for biofuel production, as lubricants or in the chemical industry.
  • Agriculture, the farming of e.g. strawberries or potatoes, promises high returns, as demand in arid regions is ever increasing. However, an investment depends on the land chosen for the project. The inclusion of agriculture components is only feasible if the project site offers access to fresh water.

Value proposition

Let it rain – in the desert

In summary, the potential of available unutilised resources, namely barren land, sunlight and pre-treated sewage water, is used efficiently to establish fast-growing, healthy forests in arid regions and subsequently to produce renewable, valuable resources such as high-value timber, biomass, carbon credits or biofuel. In addition, the Desert Timber project creates long-term benefits for local people, nature and climate.

We are more than happy to assist you in selecting a portfolio that corresponds to your ideas and preferences. We calculate in detail the level of returns, which land use model to select in accordance with the location chosen, taking into account your desired timeframe.